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We will be celebrating the Tahiti Fête of San Jose again in 2019.

Considered the largest Tahitian dance competition in the United States, Tahiti Fête of San Jose, spotlights the tradition of Tahitian dance. Dancers come from all over the world to compete with exquisite costumes, demonstrating traditional and contemporary choreography while showcasing the rich history and tales of the Polynesian people.  Alongside the stage, food vendors sell traditional Polynesian treats, artisans offer exquisite Polynesian crafts and guests can participate in cultural dancing workshops conducted by the esteemed judges from the competition.


Solo Elimination
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Day One
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Day Two
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Day Three
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Highlights from past events

Here's a taste of previous Tahiti Fete events in San Jose, CA and Hilo, HI

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Tahitian Dance Troupes Gather For Competition In South Bay

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Tickets will be sold for the beginning of 2019 for the 2019 Tahiti Fete. There will be no Fete for 2018. If you are with a Pupu ori, please speak with your group leader about group sales. Follow us on Facebook for more up-to-date news!